Casio is one of the brands that started and developed watches made of Quartz crystal. Towards the end of the 20thcentury, casio watches released a thermometer model and watches that had features to translate some words in Japanese to English.

Models and Design

The company also bought the first scientific calculator within a timepiece of the model CFX-400 into the market. From then on, they made models and designs of such scientific calculators more than any other company. Later in 1980, they made their watches so that it can store data on appointments, names, addresses of people, and their phone numbers on top of their ability to function as a calculator and a watch.

The company also produced the first fully electronic computer. When it comes to watches, they were the first mass producers. Even though they are well known for their endurance, the best point for attracting customers to the brand is its cheap price.

Sum up

The same company produces watches of different price ranges so that people of all strata can access them. This created the popularity and the name it has now as they managed to penetrate all communities.