If you walk around with a gun, a gun holster is handy for holding it in place to restrict unnecessary movement. It is a valuable accessory, as it makes it easy to withdraw your gun for immediate use. There are many types o gun holsters, each with its pros and cons.

When shopping for a gun holster, the most important thing is to set your priorities right and understand the features that mean the most to you. This guide looks into the key considerations when buying your first gun holster.

The material

The first key consideration when purchasing a gun holster is the material. Gun holsters come in different materials, including leather, Kydex, polymer, and nylon. Gun holsters made of polymer and nylon are the most cost-effective but are the bulkiest. They come in assorted shapes and sizes since thermoplastic is easier to mold, but over time they get brittle and are susceptible to breakage. Thankfully they are easy and cheaper to replace.

Leather gun holsters are the most preferred choice as they are comfortable and conceal the gun well. However, they come at a premium price, especially when made of high-quality leather. The downside is that the leather material may break over time to adjust to your gun shape. Kydex is the modern version of leather. If you choose a high-quality one, a leather gun holster will last long.

Holster type

There are different holster types, and you should choose one based on your needs. Many people working in the law enforcement industry choose shoulder rigs holsters because they are comfortable and make it easy to withdraw a gun. You may also choose a holster that can easily clip on the waist at several angles. Ensure the gun holster is practical, depending on your needs and choices.

Safety features

Think about the safety features when buying a gun holster. You must consider the activities you carry out every day, and even though you may not be busy, you should be prepared for any situation. Assess the retention properties of the gun holster to make an informed choice. The proper retention features ensure a secure fit to help you maintain control of your gun at any given moment. For instance, an audible click feature may inform you when the gun is in the right or wrong position.

The fit

When moving around, you will be wearing your gun holster as an accessory; therefore, the fit matters a lot. The holster should be designed for the type of gun you carry, and the fit should be comfortable. Your holster should align with your bet perfectly so that there is no movement or slop while still allowing you to remove swiftly your gun when needed.

Your preferences

Choosing the right gun holster largely depends on your needs and preferences. Overall your gun holster must feature the right fit, comfort, concealment, and draw speed. You should list priorities and use them when shopping for a gun holster.

The takeaway

Research extensively to find the best vendor for high-quality gun holsters.