There are examined vintage clothing and accessories recently, you should. There are several beautiful things available. You are able to go hippie or goth, or pair some original circa 70s Italian pumps having a sleek 1920s brocade spaghetti-strapped dress wear that catches the attention. Vintage clothing could be hip, stylish and different. Each one of these-of-a-kind outfit states ‘you’, also it frequently comes at an excellent cost. With all of that cushy indulgence, you would not think you had been also doing our planet a great turn. But maybe you have considered just how much clothing results in the landfill?

Within the U.S., we get rid of about 254 million a lot of undesirable products each year. Of this, about 7% is clothing, footwear and bedding. That’s about 18 million tons each year. If just 1% of this were womens clothing, that might be, roughly, very roughly, about 40 outfits per lady, each year.

A number of individuals outfits are vintage clothing that others could be thrilled to get hold of. I, for instance, make some good finds. A crisp white-colored linen suit that offered initially for $400 was mine for $50. Hand crafted Italian footwear in ice-cream colors of pistachio, raspberry and lemon for $25 – they are still my personal favorite. A complete-length beaded black velvet opera coat – looks great with jeans, too – for any pittance of their value. And what about that fabulously flowing silk pantsuit which makes me seem like Katherine Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s? And that is only the beginning.

Not until someone introduced it to attention made it happen ever happen to me that my beautiful opera coat could be left and forgotten inside a landfill whether it were not within my closet. However that I have had my eyes opened up, I’m able to expect to my vintage clothing shopping sprees with much more enthusiasm – and fewer guilt.