The magnitude of the promotional items available in the market is so huge, that if you step out to pick one for your business it becomes a big challenge. The array of personalized products that can benefit businesses is as wide as it can ever be. We have therefore made a list of the top 7 popular promotional products that your recipients will keep safe and use them repeatedly.

  • Customized Drinkware: Every person in the U.S owns at least one drinkware given away for promotion. Drinkware is useful and kept for a long time. This category includes mugs, tumblers, water bottles and much more. So have your pick accordingly.
  • Tote bags: Whether customized or not, tote bags are very strong marketing tools. Whoever gets it will keep your brand name memorized forever and the impressions you get from tote bags are insane. A reusable bag for shopping or going to college is a must-have for everyone.
  • Writing Stationery: Stationery items especially pens are loved by everyone. They get the highest impressions and are cheaper than any other promotional product. Stationery items stay around longer hence makes a lasting impact.
  • USB drives and chargers: Mobile accessories, in general, are among the useful promotional products. Everyone already owns one but doesn’t mind getting another one. Bluetooth accessories, cables, chargers, power banks, cases, pop holders, and a lot of other items can be added under this category.
  • Desk accessories: Every business should own personalized accessories. This gives a positive impression of your brand to all the clients that walk-in. Even employees feel motivated when they can relate to their brand at the workplace. Pens, notepads, journals, calendars, sticky notes are a few commonly personalized accessories.
  • Health items: This may not be at the top of your mind but a brand that cares about health and safety will make a place in people’s hearts. It gives you credibility and adds value to your brand. You don’t have to be in the medical profession to give these away. Any kind of medical kit as simple as a first-aid kit can be customized.
  • Fun items: You can stay in people’s minds if you give them something that is fun and enjoyable. Stress balls, sunglasses, bottle openers can all be personalized as per your requirements. These are used by the recipient for a longer time and give a sense of happiness. There is nothing better than making people happy.