Hong Kong is famous among a lot of its visitors like a high finish shopping destination full of trendy clothes, leading edge electronics equipment and costly luxury products. But underneath the surface is really a vibrant assortment of eclectic street markets which are dotted throughout Hong Kong. Shopping in Hong Kong isn’t just restricted to air-conditioned malls and shops. Possibly the best bargains and also the most fascinating products are available in these street markets.

Many street markets in Hong Kong either ply a particular number of goods or products which represent a particular ethnic group. Be cautioned however, even though these street financial markets are rarely publicized they’re packed to capacity with locals and wandering vacationers. Among the best places to purchase something for the relatives or buddies back may be the Stanley Market. It’s a traditional outside street market that is a significant tourist attraction in Hong Kong. The marketplace sells from clothes to souvenirs and is actually a bargain hunter’s paradise. The silk clothes and traditional Chinese toys and clothes have special interest here.

Many areas in Hong Kong are full of the melodious song of caged wild birds, where will they all originate from? Most most likely in the bird market in Yuen Po Street, many song wild birds are purchased and offered within this market that also a location of congregation for bird enthusiasts and song bird proprietors. This dark and rather derelict alleyway is generally frequented by old men that proudly showcase their wild birds for their peers, not always with aim of selling but mostly for show. Intricately crafted bird cages, bird feed and a number of song wild birds of numerous species from around the globe are available only at that market.

The Hong Kong Flower market is the best spot to buy a lot of sweet smelling flowers for a special someone home, a number of flowers from local Chinese varieties to costly imported flowers are available here. Bonsai plants, rare houseplant and certain types of plants that bring fortune for your family are available because well. The novelty of going to a colorful and delightfully aromatic marketplace is the main draw for vacationers however many locals purchase flowers for weddings, funerals and traditional festivals here.

There are lots of street markets in Hong Kong and most likely any hotel in Hong Kong may have one near by a trip is useful and provides the time to notice a clearly different method of shopping. A Hong Kong island hotel that’s located in the center of very busy shopping and business districts is Hotel Jen, where visitors can certainly access some the very best night markets and outside street markets in Hong Kong.