GPs, family doctors, and optometrists around the country are preparing for an onslaught of patients. They see these patients every summer. And unfortunately, they suffer from an incurable condition known in the vernacular as sunglasses envy. Thank goodness the condition is harmless.

Sunglasses envy occurs when a person invests their hard-earned money in a new pair of shades only to discover a few days later that they were the wrong choice. And how do they discover this fact? They see someone else wearing a pair of sunglasses they think look cooler or more fashionable. Realizing one has made the wrong choice begins a downward spiral known to create very uncomfortable symptoms.

Symptoms of Sunglasses Envy

Optometrists say that early intervention is key to overcoming the condition. To that end, they recommend watching for the telltale symptoms:

  • Embarrassment – The first observed symptom is embarrassment over your own sunglasses. You thought they were cool, but now you are embarrassed to be seen in them. Yet you have no other choice. Until you can get to the corner pharmacy, you’re stuck with what’s on your face.
  • Jealousy – Embarrassment over your own pitiful shades is immediately followed by feelings of jealousy toward others whose sunglasses look more fashionable than yours. Even while you are plotting how you can get to the store to buy a new pair, you’re secretly wishing you could just walk up and steal a pair from someone else.
  • Projection – A third symptom of sunglasses envy is projection. What is that? It is assigning your feelings of insecurity and embarrassment to other people. Projection is easily recognized by your choosing to mock other people whose sunglasses are equally uncool.
  • Isolation – Left untreated, sunglasses envy can lead to isolation. You are so embarrassed by your shades that you simply decide to not go out of the house. You live the life of a lonely recluse who cannot even get up the courage to drive to the pharmacy for a new pair.

Though the symptoms may sound scary, doctors say that sunglasses envy is very treatable. It doesn’t even require a prescription. All you have to do is buy the same shades that all the cool kids are wearing. Problem solved.

Buy Your Shades Online

Some patients protest a positive prognosis by saying they have already reached the isolation stage. They cannot bring themselves to make a trip to the store. No worries though. Salt Lake City’s Olympic Eyewear has the solution: buy your new shades online.

Retailers of all sorts sell off-brand and designer sunglasses all across the cyber sphere. You can spend your money at an online boutique that sells nothing but designer eyewear. Or you can visit your favorite mass retailer and buy one of the cheapest pairs off the rack. You just have to make sure they fit with the hottest trends of the day.

Preventing Relapses

In closing out this piece, it would be appropriate to talk about how you can prevent relapses of this dreaded condition. Again, doctors say it is fairly simple. They recommend researching the latest trends in designer sunglasses as the start of each new season draws near. How does this help, you might ask? By giving you a chance to go out and buy the hottest sunglasses before they become actual trends. Then all the cool kids will be emulating you rather than the other way around.

Sunglasses envy is a very real condition. But it is treatable and mostly harmless. If you believe that, this writer knows of a great piece of land for sale.