Are you going to go down on your knees and propose the woman of your dreams? Then you must plan properly and buy the best diamond ring in town! Well, diamond rings are available in well-known stores. But buying that perfect one piece requires a lot of research and a heart full of love. Let us help you with some information on the ring she’s going to wear for you for the rest of her life!

Most important 4Cs in Diamonds:

Never compromise with the most important 4Cs in diamond rings; Cut, Carat, Clarity, and Colour. If you know your lady, you know which type of ring she desires for. You must have discussed these things earlier! Ask your brain and you will get your answer.

  • Cut: Cut is the most important among these 4Cs we are discussing here. A proper cut diamond reflects a lot of light and it shines like a bright stone! She’ll look gorgeous and more beautiful with that big stone on her finger.
  • Carat: Women love big diamonds as they love to flaunt their rings in front of their friends and make them jealous! If you can afford buying her a big ring, go for that. Again, give importance to her choice. If she likes medium to small diamonds, go for that. If you have ever discussed these points with her, try to implement those. She’ll feel extra special.
  • Clarity: White diamonds are very clear in nature. They reflect a lot of light and thus look bright and shiny. Clarity means your diamond’s inner portion is colorless, it is just clear and bright.
  • Color: White diamonds are the best ones for such important occasions. You can also go ahead buying colored diamonds if she likes.

Give importance to the diamond setting:

Setting of the main stone is very important and crucial. When you are ordering an engagement ring London, there should be a main, big stone in the centre and a few small stones scattering around it. There are several settings available. You can order a vintage look ring, a modern ring, a customised one, or a classic one. So choose for yourself. You can also take help from your common friends or her sister for better understanding of the diamond setting.

Customization is the key:

Customization is the best way of impressing your girl. If she loves diamonds, she must check out all the popular stores and all the latest designs available in those stores. If you want to make her special, surprise her with an out of the box customized ring. You can ask a designer to design it for you. You can also design it on your own and this will make her the happiest woman on earth!

Eternity ring:

Do you know what is an eternity ring? It’s a pricey metal band ring with similar cut stones encircling the band. This symbolises a never ending love between the couple. If you want her to feel the luckiest and happiest, go for an eternity ring.