As we are at the end of summer season, it’s now the moment to retrieve the knits and felts as the winter season swiftly approaches.

Whether you’re a constant supporter of summer or enjoy the mornings and their energizing air, the art of layering clothes and accessorizing presents an excellent opportunity for showcasing your fashion sense. It’s the perfect occasion to explore the latest trends in felt hats.

While there’s a excess of cold-weather looks you can explore, let’s highlight a winter felt hat that is a wardrobe essential that shouldn’t be overlooked. Ladies must never underrate the impact of a well-chosen felt hats by Brixton.

Types of felt hats trending these winter

As the chilly season approaches, our focus often shifts to obtain the sweaters, long-sleeved dresses, soothful denim jackets, and designer long coats. However, it’s the accomplice that have the potential to elevate a winter look to another level, but here is something you can pair your every attire with these types of felt hats:

Cowboy hats: Felt designed as cowboy style hats have seamlessly entered the kingdom of fashion for the winter season. Cowboy hats are always in trend for fall for every winter. These felt hats are ready to enhance all your winters looks with its finest wool finish that maintain its shape and texture. These statement hats are prepared to accompany your stylishly attire through every seasons.

Boater hats: The boater style hats always bring up an elegant and enhancing function to any outfit. Whether paired with men’s inspired look or any graceful simple attire, a boater look felt hat always adds up a structure to your look. Boater felt hats comes in various color options to suit up all your feels and fits to every occasion this winter. You can pair it with your favorite coat for an eye-catching collection.

Fedora shaped: A fedora shaped hat is a perfect choice for these breezy months. This felt hat injects a dose of glam up to your everyday attire. The fedora shaped or a wool felt ensures that it maintains its shapes and structured over the time.

Head-Turning hats: These classic headpieces come in a unique pattern and beautification are sought after by every hat admirers all around. Whether it’s paired up with any metal or vintage accessory, or with embroidered hatbands, and prints, everything will go up with a supplement hat that will reveal more of your personality.

Vintage hats: Gala is generally adorned with vintage applications with many fantastic options to maintain your glam throughout this winter season. Additionally, it’s an extremely adaptable hat, suitable for an evening event with a sharp suit, a girlish dress, or even a local look.

These winters felt hats will elevate your looks, especially when you will pair them with earthy tones and faded colors. The texture game is strong this season, so accompany the wool felt structures with your knitted sweaters, silks, or any of the leather items, and get ready to turn the heads around.


Whether you prefer to accessorize with a class or identify with a more classic flair, a felt hat should undoubtedly find a place in your winter wardrobe. Felt hats by Brixton not only keeps you warm and snug but also adds an element of style and chic to your ensemble. Let’s delve into the trends in felt hats with some top picks for ladies’ winter hats to help you accessorize like a pro this season. Choose a winter hat for women that not only protects you from the breezy weather but also enhances all your winter looks.