A pair of beautiful sunglasses is one of the most effortless ways to enhance your style. A good pair that matches well with your wardrobe is not only a stylistic enhancement but also a practical one, helping you save your eyes and eyesight from the harms of harsh sunlight and ultraviolet radiation.

Depending on your preferences, you can select from a wide range of styles for men’s sunglasses. From cool and casual to vintage and formal, there are multiple design options available online and in stores. Whether you are shopping for your first pair or fifth, you can rely on this handy guide to some of the most popular styles of sunglasses for men.


Aviators are one of the most instantly recognizable styles of sunglasses. With their thin bridged frames and teardrop lenses, aviator sunglasses for men are some of the most fashionable eyewear. Depending on your stylistic preferences, you can choose from a wide range of aviators that put a unique spin on the vintage glasses, including classic aviators, teardrop aviators, squared aviators, and more.


Like aviators, browline is another classic style of sunglasses that pair squared lenses with a thick browline and add a retro element to your look. This style of sunglasses was quite popular in the 50s and has recently made a comeback, thanks to the ever-evolving eyewear fashion trends. These sunglasses pair well with both formal and casual clothing and are a good choice for older men.


Rimless sunglasses feature an elegant look for everyday use and are perfect for formal and casual use. This style of sunglasses eliminates the front frame in favor of a minimal side frame for a classic look that is perpetually in style. If you feel like frames do not flatter your face, rimless sunglasses might be the perfect style of eyewear for you. The only downside to these glasses is their delicate nature, but if you are someone who takes good care of their eyewear, you will do just fine with rimless design.

Retro Squared

Retro squared sunglasses never go out of style. These glasses have been in style since the early 80s and work particularly well for oval and round face shapes. If you want a pair of retro squared glasses, you can choose from a wide variety of frame and lens options, including different frame thicknesses and lens colors. Add anti-UV treatment or polarization to your lenses to get better protection against harmful radiation.

Wrap-Around Rectangle

Wrap-around rectangle sunglasses are reminiscent of the early 2000s when every celebrity had a pair and was spotted wearing one in every popular magazine. These glasses feature a wide frame with rectangular lenses and a short height. To go for a fully retro look, you can add mirrored or tinted reflected lenses and pair them with casual clothing.


With the help of this guide, you can choose a pair from some of the most timeless designs for men’s sunglasses, and browse other unique designs like hinge-less, semi-rimless, wayfarers, and more. Whatever design you choose, make sure to get a pair that goes well with your facial structure and fulfills your needs for routine use.